Zoom – An Awesome Book Initiative

February 22nd, 2011

Happy Tuesday!
Since it is such a great Tuesday, I would like to share with you one of my all-time favorite initiatives that is applicable with all age groups, and is great with groups ranging from 20-30 participants.

“Zoom” is my favorite kind of book (a picture book), that challenges the reader through varying perceptions and a “must-have” for every facilitator’s game bag.
I use this activity as a team-building and personal  approach.
The prep work for the activity is extremely easy, all you have to do is carefully cut out every page and stapled them in their original order, just for organizational sake)
This activity needs some accurate sequencing, because this can be a challenging activity, and group cohesiveness needed to complete the “Zoom” activity.
To start the activity, I mix up the pages of “Zoom” (they have no page numbers), and not allow anyone to see it, both intentionally or unintentionally. I allow the group to describe their page in any other manner they choose…they can use any other verbal or non-verbal means of achieving this activity.
This is when the fun of the activity takes place! If you have read the book, it starts out zoomed in very closely on a rooster’s comb (their awesome spiked hair…)

Then the book slowly zooms out a little more each page as the reader gets a larger view of the rooster…to a scene of two kids on a farm looking out of a window at a rooster…to an overhead shot of the farm…to the farm actually being toys that a girl is playing with…on the back of a magazine…that a young man is holding…

That young man is on a cruise ship…which is on an advertisement on the side of a bus in a large city…

That bus and big city is on a television…being watched by a man in the middle of the desert..

That man and TV are actually on a postage stamp…being delivered to a tribe of indigenous people on the beach…

Those people are being watched by a pilot who is flying overhead…way up in the sky…

And, finally, the book zooms out to see the plane in the hemisphere, Earth from space, and then a tiny white dot on an all white page…

I left out a few pages, but I know you get the drift of the book, and typically a leader within the group will start to organize the book together.
After the group believes they have the book in order, I have them stay in that specific order, but circle up so everyone can see the pages, and occasion.
The group debrief is generally focused on how everyone has their “own story” within the overall story, and vantage-point.
“Zoom” has many real-world implications and let me know how it went with your group!
Ryan Eller

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