Which Foot Do You Hop On? 3 Fun Ways to Split Your Group

August 30th, 2013

Several times throughout a sequence of activities you will come across a need to split your group in half. I have learned three fun ways to split the group without having to count-off or count people. Each of the following activities somehow will divide the group of participants pretty close to equal. Try them out for a quick change of pace.
1. What Foot Do You Hop On?
Ask each participant to hop on one foot. Tell the people hopping on their left foot to move to one side of the room, and the people hopping on their right foot to move to the other side of the room.
2. Thumbs on Top
Instruct the participants to clasp their hands separate from those with their left thumb on top.
3. Cross Your Arms
Ask the participants to fold their arms across their chest, and see which arm is on top of the other arm.
What other ways have you used to split a group?