This was our 4th or 5th time having PS help with our fall Leadership Retreat, and everyone has been superb. Paradigm Shift staff do a great job of keeping the attention and interest of our students and we feel like they come away empowered and ready to tackle life’s issues.

Mary S.University of Maine at Farmington, Upward Bound

[Paradigm Shift] was fantastic, and [our facilitator] tackled the leadership training with our Student Council with warmth and excitement. It was great!

Lacey G.University of Arkansas Upward Bound

Exactly the shot in the arm my staff needed. Have purchased materials for a while, it was nice to force the staff to explore the materials so that they can add it to their toolbox.

Karen K.Maine ETS

The workshop presenters showed up on time and ready to go! They were very kind and well prepared. The ice breakers were good and the students were able to learn each other's names. The only concern I have is that our short supper (pizza and pop) ended up taking a lot longer than I would have liked. We sat at our tables a lot longer than I would have liked and the students were starting to lose focus and I saw a lot of them getting on their phones because they were losing interest. The presenters gave us conversation cards but there was no need for it to take as long as it did. At that time of night, we needed our students to be up and moving around to keep them focused. Other than the long supper, everything was great and our objectives were met. The discussion about finding the right college was spot on and I think our students gained a lot of great information! Thank you for coming to our event!


[Paradigm Shift] was excellent to work with. Money well spent.


Way to go [Paradigm Shift] Team, you all know how to pick 'em :) thank you so much. The surveys we received from the FL TRIO attendees were extremely positive and they enjoyed their entire day with Sarah, the activities, networking experiences, and team building. Kudos to Paradigm Shift at the 2018 FL TRIO Professional Development Day.

Jerinae S.Florida TRIO

Excellent job–just what we were looking for.

Audrey N.Audrey N., Murray State ETS