Fulfilling Your Grant


We Know TRiO

If your school or organization has received a TRiO grant or is looking for help applying, then consider Paradigm Shift as one of your venders. We can partner with your grant to provide all leadership training and development for students, and professional development and training for your staff for the entire duration of your grant cycle. Our collection of services is designed with you and your students in mind–we offer a variety of leadership workshops, keynote presentations, camps, and more to empower your students to take intentional steps towards a bright future in postsecondary education.

Because we have extensive experience working with TRiO grant recipients and schools, we can also assist in writing the vender request portion of the grant, streamlining that portion of the process. We have taken care to ensure the services we provide fulfill all grant requirements and will devote all of our energy and resources to preparing your students for life beyond high school.

We know that if you are looking to provide TRiO grant services to your students, you must have a special group in mind, whether it be future 1st-generation college attendees, students coming from a low-income area, adult students looking to go back to college, students who just need a little extra motivation to finish strong, or others. You want to provide them the absolute best chance at achieving postsecondary education and embarking on a successful life after they leave your care. We recognize that and want to partner with you in your endeavors. With Paradigm Shift, you will be able to provide your students with everything they need to grasp their future with confidence.


Not sure if your school or organization qualifies for a TRiO grant? Click here.