Trashball – A Leadership Team Building Activity Focused on Integrity

July 31st, 2013

Have you ever had a group find the “gray area” of the rules? A group that tries to skirt around the edges of the activity to get a competitive advantage?
I come across groups and then call it when things get intense. Typically I have groups who will continue throwing even after I ask them to stop.
It is after this when I can discuss integrity and let me know what you think!
Number of Participants: 5-75
Time:  5-10 minutes
Activity Level: High
Props:  Throwables, Boundary Line
Objective:  To get as many pieces of trash in your neighbor’s lawn as possible.
Divide the group into two teams and keeps throwing trash on their perfectly manicured lawn.
Their goal is to throw as much trash from their lawn onto their neighbors before the end of the activity. Don’t tell them how much time they have to complete this activity.
The issue is that the neighbors dislike each other so much that they have placed a 20-30 foot tall fence in between the two lawns, and the teams must throw the trashballs over the fence to get to the other side.
Sources: The Bottomless Bag Again by Karl Rohnke – pg. 73.
What types of integrity activities do you use with your group? Have you ever played Trashball?