The Best Bucket List Ever – 1001 Bucket List items that you need to add to your list right now.

November 2nd, 2017

You know I love Bucket Lists. I started a business so I could travel around the world and help people check buckets off of their lists. I gave a TedX Talk about bucket lists. I have my bucket list tattooed on my back (not true but sounds awesome).

It only makes sense that I tried to create the world’s greatest bucket list (in collaboration with Kyle the Intern, The Rachel Mayo, and friends*). There may be longer bucket lists but I can guarantee** you that you will find no greater list than the one below.

So, feel free and look over this list. Share it with friends. Steal items for your list. Tell me I am awesome. Leave recommendations for items we left off of the list. Read the list and make sure we don’t have any duplicates. Enjoy.

  1. Air Boat across an Alligator Infested Swamp
  2. Arrive By Seaplane to a remote location
  3. Attempt to ice climb over a glacier
  4. Bamboo raft down a mystical river
  5. BASE jump off of a tall building
  6. Bathe an Elephant
  7. Bathe in a hot spring with strangers
  8. Bathe in milk
  9. Be a passenger on a train
  10. Be a seat filler at the Oscars
  11. Be a tourist in your own town and go somewhere you’ve never been but always wanted to go
  12. Be in the delivery room during childbirth
  13. Be one of the few to go to the top of the Seven Summits
  14. Be one of the first humans to travel to space
  15. Bet on a horse at the horse races
  16. Bid on an auction item at Christie’s or Sotheby’s
  17. Boogie board in the ocean over some mighty waves
  18. Bungee jump off of a bridge
  19. Bury a time capsule and open it years later
  20. Buy a really stupid novelty item from eBay and give it to a friend
  21. Buy a ticket for a random flight at the airport
  22. Canoe down a river
  23. Catch a lightning bug and place it in a jar
  24. Catch a ride in a rickshaw
  25. Catch a snipe while snipe hunting
  26. Celebrate a White Christmas
  27. Celebrate your birthday in a different country
  28. Cheer the host at a live taping of a late night show
  29. Climb to the top of a tree and swing from the highest branches
  30. Complete any 90-day challenge
  31. Connect with nature while primitive camping
  32. Conquer a fear
  33. Convince some friends to go cow tipping
  34. Cross the country in a private jet
  35. Deactivate all social media for a week
  36. Design a homemade river raft – then go rafting
  37. Dirty yourself up with a mud bath
  38. Discover a pearl in an oyster
  39. Dive into a polar plunge in a cold-water environment
  40. Dive to the depths of the ocean to see the Titanic
  41. Do a backflip on a pogo stick
  42. Do donuts while off-roading
  43. Drive a Zamboni
  44. Drive a tank
  45. Drive across Route 66
  46. Drive an 18-wheeler
  47. Drive as fast as your can go in a Ferrari
  48. Drive through every county in your state
  49. Dry off by campfire
  50. Eat Fire
  51. Experience zero gravity
  52. Explore a cave while spelunking
  53. Extract honey from a beehive
  54. Feed a koala bear
  55. Find treasure with a metal detector
  56. Find your way through a labyrinth
  57. Fly a kite on a windy day
  58. Fly a plane across the sky
  59. Fly at the speed of sound
  60. Fly internationally on a double decker plane
  61. Fly over a city on a helicopter
  62. Freeze yourself during cryotherapy
  63. Gaze at the stars in a glass igloo
  64. Get a book signed by your favorite author
  65. Get a fish pedicure
  66. Get a professional massage
  67. Get a tattoo with a friend
  68. Get into a situation to need a translator
  69. Get spoiled in first class
  70. Glide over the hills in a gyrocopter
  71. Go hang gliding in a remote location
  72. Go streaking
  73. Go to a ceremony of a religion that is not your own
  74. Haggle at an open market
  75. Hang onto a rope while rock climbing
  76. Have your fortune read by a fortune teller
  77. Hold a shark
  78. Hold a tarantula sized spider
  79. Hold onto a dolphin fin as it carries you through the ocean
  80. Hug a redwood
  81. Hunt for wild mushrooms
  82. Hunt small prey at a falconry class
  83. Indoor Skydive
  84. Jump into a pile of leaves
  85. Jump into a pool full of jello
  86. Jump into a pool fully clothed
  87. Jump off a cliff
  88. Jump out of a helicopter onto a mountain while heli-skiing
  89. Karate chop and break a board
  90. Kiss someone in the rain
  91. Land a flip on a wakeboard
  92. Last eight seconds while you ride a bull
  93. Leave your stress in a sensory deprivation tank
  94. Let someone read your palm
  95. Live in a different country
  96. Live in a houseboat
  97. Live one month without spending money on anything other than necessities
  98. Look out for criminals on a police ride-along
  99. Luge down a huge hill
  100. Meander through a bamboo forest
  101. Meditate on the side of a mountain
  102. Meet a world leader
  103. Meet an animal who is internet famous
  104. Meet someone famous randomly
  105. Milk a cow
  106. Name a star
  107. Navigate a boat down a river
  108. Navigate a personal underwater sub
  109. Navigate a segway
  110. Observe a bear in the wild
  111. Obtain backstage passes to a concert
  112. Officiate a wedding
  113. Organize a picnic outing
  114. Own a Chanel suit
  115. Own a Louis Vuitton purse
  116. Own a Rolex
  117. Own a Rolls Royce, an Aston Martin, or a Bentley
  118. Own a beach house
  119. Own a house with a fireplace
  120. Own a pet monkey
  121. Own a private jet
  122. Own a professional football team
  123. Own a successful business
  124. Own an Armani suit
  125. Own an island
  126. Pan for gold
  127. Parachute out of a cargo plane
  128. Partake in a food fight
  129. Participate in a protest
  130. Participate in a sweat lodge ceremony
  131. Participate in an Indian Wedding
  132. Participate in a cattle drive
  133. Pay off a stranger’s Christmas layaway
  134. Pet a bear cub
  135. Pet a dolphin
  136. Pet a lion cub
  137. Pet a penguin
  138. Pierce your ears with a friend
  139. Pitch a tent in your backyard
  140. Plant a flag on top of a mountain
  141. Plant your own garden
  142. Pose with a figure at a wax museum
  143. Proudly walk around at a nudist colony
  144. Race a car on a NASCAR track
  145. Race some friends while four-wheeling on sand dunes
  146. Raise your hands in the air on the ten largest roller coasters in the world
  147. Reach for the earth while tandem skydiving
  148. Receive acupuncture
  149. Record a meteor shower
  150. Record a music video
  151. Relax in a natural hot spring
  152. Relax in a sensory deprivation tank
  153. Renovate a mansion
  154. Research the history of your favorite sports team
  155. Restore an old classic car
  156. Ride a jet ski
  157. Ride a motorcycle
  158. Ride a unicycle
  159. Ride an ostrich
  160. Rise above the water while Flyboarding in a Water Jet Pack
  161. Roll a somersault down a hill
  162. Rollerblade with friends
  163. Rope a cow at a dude ranch
  164. Run for political office
  165. Sing at a concert to see an artist you’re not familiar with
  166. Sail a boat
  167. Scare someone at a haunted house
  168. Score an autograph from your favorite celebrity
  169. Scuba dive
  170. Send a fan letter to your favorite celebrity
  171. Send a message in a bottle and get a response
  172. Send a Slinky down an escalator
  173. Set a Guinness World Record
  174. Shake hands with a president, current or former
  175. Shake hands your favorite celebrity
  176. Share your most embarrassing moment
  177. Shear a sheep
  178. Shoot a machine gun
  179. Shop on Rodeo Drive
  180. Shuck oysters
  181. Sit front row at a fashion show
  182. Sit on a jury
  183. Sit on the front row of a concert
  184. Skateboard at a skating park
  185. Skeet shoot
  186. Ski a black diamond trail
  187. Ski down the side of a mountain
  188. Skinny dip with strangers
  189. Skydive
  190. Sleep in a hostel with strangers
  191. Sleep in a yurt
  192. Sleep in an overnight train
  193. Sleep on a trampoline
  194. Sleep on the beach
  195. Slide down a firehouse pole
  196. Smoke a fine cigar
  197. Smoke a hookah
  198. Snowshoe across an unknown mountain path
  199. Spend $10,000 during a care-free shopping spree
  200. Spend New Year’s Eve in an exotic location
  201. Spend a day without speaking
  202. Spend a night in a haunted house
  203. Spend a night in a tree house
  204. Spend a week at a 5-star spa
  205. Spend a weekend at the world’s most expensive hotel
  206. Spin a basketball on your finger
  207. Spoil yourself at a 5-star hotel
  208. Stand face to face with a monk at a monastery
  209. Stand next to someone who is over seven feet tall
  210. Stand on a glacier
  211. Stand on the floor of a drilling rig
  212. Stand under a waterfall
  213. Stand up paddle board
  214. Star in a commercial
  215. Start a band
  216. Start a business
  217. Start a hobby with a stranger
  218. Stay awake for 24 hours
  219. Step out and become a foreign exchange student
  220. Stick your head out of the sunroof in a limo
  221. Stomp on grapes to make wine
  222. Successfully complete a heist
  223. Survive a day without seeing
  224. Survive the rapids while white water rafting
  225. Swim with sea turtles
  226. Swing above the crowd in a trapeze class
  227. Swing around at a ballroom dance class
  228. Take English riding lessons
  229. Take a Sunday drive in a convertible with the top down
  230. Take a friend on a spontaneous road trip
  231. Take a natural mud bath
  232. Take a picture the colors of the Northern Lights
  233. Take a punch from Mike Tyson
  234. Take a ride on an elephant
  235. Take a road trip by yourself
  236. Take a seat on the world’s largest Ferris Wheel
  237. Take a vacation with no itinerary
  238. Take in the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  239. Take it easy on an aimless drive
  240. Teach English in a foreign country
  241. Teach a parrot to talk
  242. Team up with someone and ride a tandem bicycle
  243. Throw a boomerang and receive it in the same throw
  244. Throw a dart at a map and go to that spot
  245. Throw poo with a monkey
  246. Touch a giant cactus
  247. Touch a stingray
  248. Tour a city in a horse and carriage
  249. Train a dog to do tricks
  250. Travel across the sky in a blimp
  251. Travel back in time at an Amish community
  252. Travel for one month straight with only a backpack
  253. Travel to space in a spacecraft
  254. Trek across a frozen river without fear
  255. Try Chinese cupping
  256. Try to catch a fish while Snubadiving
  257. Try to catch the end of a rainbow
  258. Try to see a whale while paragliding
  259. Use a paddle to bid at an auction
  260. Use a tractor to till the Earth
  261. Use your binoculars to find whales while whale watching
  262. Vacation solo
  263. Visit a butterfly house
  264. Visit a temple
  265. Walk a cheetah
  266. Walk around for a day in middle eastern attire
  267. Walk everywhere for a week
  268. Walk on hot coals
  269. Walk on stilts
  270. Walk through a rainforest with a machete
  271. Walk with a lion
  272. Watch a movie at a drive-in movie theater
  273. Watch the launch of a space shuttle
  274. Watch the ocean go by on a cruise ship
  275. Watch the sun rise on the top of a water tower
  276. Wear an extravagant mask to a masquerade ball
  277. Wear colored contact lenses
  278. Wear your birthday suit to a nude beach
  279. Win a Gold Medal
  280. Win a game of Ping Pong
  281. Win a game show
  282. Win a giveaway prize off of the radio
  283. Win a lucky draw
  284. Win a stuffed animal at a fair
  285. Win big at an Indian Casino
  286. Win the lottery
  287. Witness a meteor shower
  288. Witness a total solar eclipse
  289. Wrap a snake around your neck
  290. Yell Bingo! At a Bingo Hall

  1. Act in a film (homemade or big-budget)
  2. Act in a play at a local theater
  3. Apply for a reality TV Show
  4. Attend a Jewish Wedding and dance the horah
  5. Attend a music festival and dance with the people
  6. Attend a native American Pow-Wow
  7. Be a dancer in a flash mob
  8. Be a groupie for your favorite band
  9. Be a mascot for something
  10. Be an extra on a TV show
  11. Be in a band
  12. Build a village around a model train while wearing an engineering outfit
  13. Build a sandcastle on the beach
  14. Build an igloo in a cold-weather country
  15. Bust a fire from wood
  16. Complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
  17. Compose a song for a professional singer
  18. Crochet a gift for someone
  19. Dance everywhere you go for a day
  20. Dance on top of a bar
  21. Dance or sing with Miss America
  22. Deliver a speech to over 10,000 people
  23. Draw a Zentangle
  24. Enter a pageant you are not qualified to win
  25. Fall in the snow and make a snow angel
  26. Feel yourself being hypnotized
  27. Figure out how many licks it actually takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a Tootsie Pop
  28. Fold an origami swan
  29. Give a commencement speech
  30. Give a wedding speech as a best man or maid of honor
  31. Grow a seed
  32. Grow Bonsai Trees
  33. Grow prize-winning roses
  34. Have a James Bond movie marathon
  35. Have an article of clothing made for you
  36. Have your picture taken for the newspaper
  37. Have your portrait painted
  38. Hire a celebrity to sing at your birthday party
  39. Hire a personal shopper
  40. Hone your negotiation skills
  41. Host a cocktail party
  42. Keep a greenhouse
  43. Keep bees alive as a beekeeper
  44. Knead a clay pot
  45. Knit a scarf
  46. List your top 100 favorite songs
  47. Live 24 hours screen free
  48. Make a Tye-Dye Shirt
  49. Make a balloon animal
  50. Master a freestanding handstand
  51. Create a secret handshake with someone and never tell a soul
  52. Figure out how you would survive without electricity
  53. Own a collection
  54. Paint something to hang in your home
  55. Partake in a renaissance fair
  56. Participate in a poetry reading
  57. Participate in dinner theater
  58. Perform a card trick for a large audience
  59. Perform a public presentation
  60. Perform stand up comedy at a comedy club
  61. Photograph an endangered species
  62. Pose for a professional photo shoot
  63. Publish your own book
  64. Sell a piece of your artwork
  65. Sell clothes from your personal clothing line
  66. Send a handwritten note every day for a year
  67. Sing to an audience
  68. Sing with a music legend in concert
  69. Sing your favorite song at a karaoke bar
  70. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  71. Start an art collection
  72. Submit a joke for Laffy Taffy
  73. Surprise someone with a complete makeover
  74. Watch all Golden Globe Best Pictures with a friend who loves movies
  75. Watch and rank all the best Oscar films
  76. Write a poem
  77. Write to a pen pal

  1. Apply for a Commercial Driver’s License
  2. Ask for a raise or a promotion
  3. Attend your 10-year high school reunion
  4. Author a children’s book
  5. Be chosen to give a TED talk
  6. Be completely debt free
  7. Be interviewed for the TV news
  8. Be the boss
  9. Become a billionaire (and then give away your fortunes)
  10. Become a member of an exclusive club
  11. Become a self-made millionaire
  12. Camp with your family in a remote location
  13. Celebrate your 50th Wedding Anniversary with the love of your life
  14. Create a YouTube channel (even if you have no subscribers)
  15. Develop a source of passive income
  16. Donate $1 million to charity
  17. Donate money to a relief organization
  18. Donate to the Red Cross
  19. Dress to the 9’s every day for a week
  20. Earn your GED
  21. Earn your a PhD
  22. Establish a foundation to give away your money
  23. Flip a house and sell it for profit
  24. Get accepted into Harvard (or some other Ivy League School)
  25. Get featured in the media for something you are proud of
  26. Graduate college with your dream degree
  27. Graduate high school
  28. Graduate with a 4.0
  29. Graduate with a Master’s degree
  30. Graduate with honors
  31. Have a social media post go viral
  32. Have one of your photographs published in a magazine
  33. Invent something
  34. Mentor another person
  35. Never miss a day of class
  36. Open a franchise
  37. Organize a fundraiser
  38. Receive an honorary degree from a credible university
  39. Set up a non-profit and raise money for a cause I believe in
  40. Start a podcast
  41. Work a profession in a different field
  42. Write a blog

  1. Adopt a child
  2. Adopt a pet from a rescue mission
  3. Be a foster parent for kids with no home
  4. Build doll houses for your child
  5. Build your dream house for your family
  6. Build a treehouse for my kids
  7. Buy your mom her dream car
  8. Coach your son’s little league team
  9. Create a coat of arms for your family
  10. Create a home with an inviting, joyous, comfortable, loving atmosphere
  11. Create family rituals and traditions to celebrate holidays and important life events
  12. Decorate a Christmas tree in every room of your house with your family
  13. Draw out your Family Tree
  14. Figure out your family’s history
  15. Get a tattoo ring with the love of your life
  16. Get married to the love of your life
  17. Give birth to a child
  18. Give your daughter away at her wedding
  19. Handmake all family Christmas gifts one year
  20. Hold at least one of your great-grandchildren
  21. Host a foreign exchange student
  22. Host a holiday event
  23. Host a non-American for Thanksgiving
  24. Learn your family ancestry
  25. Meet the love of your life
  26. Pass on a family heirloom to your child
  27. Plan an elaborate surprise for someone you love
  28. Play with your grandchildren
  29. Prepare a will
  30. Raise a happy and healthy child
  31. Reconnect with a lost loved one
  32. Reconnect with your most influential teachers and thank them
  33. Renew your wedding vows after being married for ten years
  34. Ride a horse on the beach with someone you love
  35. Send a love letter
  36. Sled down a snow-covered hill with your kids
  37. Spoil your grandchildren
  38. Start a tradition of getting together with your extended family for a barbecue once a year
  39. Stay married to the same person for as long as you both live
  40. Surprise your parents with a dream vacation
  41. Take your significant other to visit your childhood home
  42. Witness and be present at significant moments of your child’s life
  43. Write a letter to each of your children telling them what you want them to know about your life and the lessons you’ve learned
  44. Write a letter to your future self

  1. Attend a pig roast (bonus points if the pig is roasted with an apple in its mouth)
  2. Attend a proper British afternoon tea in London
  3. Be a vegetarian for a month
  4. Buy food from a food truck
  5. Buy 99 cent pizza in NYC
  6. Compete in a food challenge
  7. Cook every dish in a cookbook
  8. Create a meal completely from scratch
  9. Dip fancy foods in fondue
  10. Drink a beer at Oktoberfest
  11. Drink a beer in the Netherlands
  12. Drink a bottle of champagne that costs over $1,000.00
  13. Drink a glass of wine in Lyon, France
  14. Drink juice from a fresh coconut on a tropical island
  15. Drink a martini at an ice bar
  16. Drink Sake in Japan
  17. Drink vodka in Russia
  18. Eat a bowl of chowder in New England
  19. Eat a deep fried Twinkie at the fair
  20. Eat a Maine lobster
  21. Eat a Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia
  22. Eat a shark in Iceland
  23. Eat an insect in a foreign country
  24. Eat at a Brazilian steakhouse in Brazil
  25. Eat Belgium waffles in Belgium
  26. Eat buffalo wings in Buffalo
  27. Eat fancy food in Paris
  28. Eat fish and chips in England
  29. Eat guinea pig in Peru
  30. Eat frog legs in the Deep South
  31. Eat octopus next to the ocean
  32. Eat ox balls in Kenya
  33. Fillet a fish that you caught
  34. Go a week without eating
  35. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley
  36. Have someone serve your breakfast in bed
  37. Order fried caterpillar in Africa
  38. Order one of everything on a menu
  39. Order room service
  40. Savor your pasta in Italy
  41. Try all of the food and drink at an all-inclusive resort
  42. Try different types of pizza in Chicago
  43. Try every flavor of ice cream at an ice cream shoppe
  44. Try food from a world-class chef
  45. Try Whale in Alaska
  46. Use chopsticks to eat sushi in Tokyo

  1. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch
  2. Be able to recite all 50 state capitals from memory
  3. Be an apprentice to a skilled worker
  4. Become a Cheese Connoisseur
  5. Become a Wine Connoisseur
  6. Become the premiere expert on one major artist
  7. Bench press your weight
  8. Brew my own beer
  9. Build a Little Free Library
  10. Build something with your own hands
  11. Build your own website
  12. Construct furniture from scratch
  13. Cook a fancy dish at a gourmet cooking class
  14. Create Mandalas
  15. Create a cookbook
  16. Culture yourself during a social etiquette class
  17. DIY something for your home and proudly display it
  18. Discover a favorite author and know why he/she is your favorite
  19. Draw yourself at a drawing class
  20. Fill a small library with high quality books
  21. Give mouth to mouth to a mannequin during a first aid course
  22. Join a book club
  23. Keep a daily journal for a year
  24. Learn to braid hair
  25. Learn a form of martial arts
  26. Learn a full yoga routine
  27. Learn a latin dance
  28. Learn a line dance
  29. Learn a musical instrument
  30. Learn a new word every day for a year
  31. Learn a traditional dance
  32. Learn about investing
  33. Learn all of the countries in the world
  34. Learn all of the presidents in order
  35. Learn different handshakes from around the world
  36. Learn glassblowing
  37. Learn how to change a tire
  38. Learn how to change your oil
  39. Learn how to code
  40. Learn how to cook your favorite meal
  41. Learn how to cut hair
  42. Learn how to do a backflip
  43. Learn how to do fancy makeup
  44. Learn how to do your taxes
  45. Learn how to drive a motorcycle
  46. Learn how to drive a stick shift
  47. Learn how to hem a pair of pants
  48. Learn to make make sushi
  49. Learn how to pick a lock
  50. Learn how to pitch a tent
  51. Learn how to play a new sport
  52. Learn how to play a song on the piano
  53. Learn how to play backgammon
  54. Learn how to play poker
  55. Learn how to properly set a table
  56. Learn how to read a map
  57. Learn how to read braille
  58. Learn how to say the alphabet backwards
  59. Learn how to say hello in ten different languages
  60. Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow
  61. Learn how to shoot a gun
  62. Learn how to swim
  63. Learn how to use a power tool
  64. Learn how to use chopsticks
  65. Learn morse code
  66. Learn sign language
  67. Learn stress management
  68. Learn the names of all of your close neighbors
  69. Learn to bartend
  70. Learn to brew beer
  71. Learn to budget
  72. Learn to compost your food waste
  73. Learn to cook a fancy meal
  74. Learn to do a cartwheel
  75. Learn to do a wheelie on a bike
  76. Learn to hula hoop
  77. Learn to juggle
  78. Learn to make candles
  79. Learn to paint
  80. Learn to play chess
  81. Learn to read music
  82. Learn to sculpt
  83. Learn to sing
  84. Learn to speak a foreign language
  85. Learn to tie a bow tie
  86. Learn to walk on your hands
  87. Learn to write with both hands
  88. Learn to yodel
  89. Make a list of 100 books you want to read
  90. Make homemade ice cream
  91. Make models of cars, ships or airplanes
  92. Make stained glass windows
  93. Memorize the constellations
  94. Memorize your favorite poem
  95. Pass your driver’s license test
  96. Read a book a week for a year
  97. Read a book about a subject you know nothing about
  98. Read a book before the movie
  99. Read all of Agatha Christie’s mystery novels
  100. Read all of Honoré de Balzac‟s short stories and novels
  101. Read all of the Harry Potter books
  102. Read all of the Russian classics
  103. Read all of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries
  104. Read every book your favorite author has written
  105. Read every novel that has won a Pulitzer Prize in the Fiction Category
  106. Read everyday for a year
  107. Read ten books written by winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature
  108. Read the Bible from cover to cover
  109. Read the complete works of Shakespeare
  110. Read the top 100 books of all time
  111. Straighten out your life with a life coach
  112. Study a different religion
  113. Study cartography

  1. Be able to bench-press 150 lbs
  2. Be able to do 10 pull-ups
  3. Be able to do 50 push-ups
  4. Catch a fish while deep sea fishing
  5. Catch a fish while ice fishing
  6. Catch a foul ball at a MLB game
  7. Charter a yacht
  8. Climb a rope in a gym class
  9. Compete in a bodybuilding competition
  10. Compete in a fitness competition
  11. Compete in an Ironman competition
  12. Cycle across your state
  13. Finish a triathlon
  14. Perform the splits
  15. Protect yourself during a self-defense class
  16. Run a marathon
  17. Run barefoot
  18. Run the Boston Marathon
  19. Shake it during a Zumba class
  20. Show off your six-pack abs
  21. Start a local running group
  22. Work out until you have buns of steel

  1. Attend a Final Four basketball game
  2. Attend a Premiere League football match
  3. Attend a rodeo and try your hand at roping
  4. Attend the NBA All-Star Game
  5. Be featured on the jumbotron at a professional sporting event
  6. Bowl a perfect game
  7. Carve a new path while snowboarding
  8. Cheer for the opposing team in the home stands
  9. Dunk a basketball
  10. Golf at a private golf course
  11. Hit a hole in one
  12. Hit an archery bullseye
  13. Hit the bullseye on a dart board
  14. Hold on for dear life while windsurfing
  15. Join a bowling league
  16. Play a game of paintball
  17. Play frisbee golf
  18. Root for your team at a World Series game
  19. Sit on the sidelines of a professional sporting event
  20. Throw out the 1st pitch at an MLB game
  21. Watch the NFL Pro Bowl
  22. Watch the Yankees play the Red Sox at Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium
  23. Watch the opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics
  24. Watch your favorite sport at the Winter Olympics
  25. Wear a fun hat at the Kentucky Derby
  26. Wear a soccer uniform at a World Cup Match in Brazil
  27. Witness at a sumo wrestling match in Japan

There were so many great travel bucket list items that we separated them by continent. We also tried to be as specific as possible with each bucket list item. Instead of just saying, “Visit Europe” (which is a fine bucket list item), we decided to change it to something unique to that particular area.
A good example would be “Catch a flamenco show in Andalusia, Spain.” If these items aren’t exactly what you want to do in each country/continent then please change them to fit your desired travel bucket list items! 

  1. Carefully dive with crocodiles in Africa
  2. Carve your name in a tree at the Cape of Good Hope
  3. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
  4. Cross the water to Zanzibar
  5. Cruise the Nile River
  6. Explore the Atlas Mountains of Morocco
  7. Gaze upon a giraffe in Nairobi, Kenya
  8. Guess the age of a large tree in Madagascar
  9. Raft down the Zambezi
  10. See African animals on a wildlife safari
  11. Sleep under the stars in the Sahara
  12. Stand next to the pyramids in Giza
  13. Stare into the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania
  14. Stroll along the beaches in Cape Town, South Africa
  15. Stroll through the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan
  16. Stroll with the Kalahari Bushmen
  17. Swim in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls in Zambia
  18. Swim with sharks in Cape Town
  19. Visit the Sossusvlei Dunes in Namibia
  20. Walk with a black rhino in Namibia
  21. Watch the Indian and Atlantic ocean meet
  22. Watch the Serengeti in Tanzania

  1. Act like a spy at the Kremlin in Russia
  2. Admire the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, Burma
  3. Attempt to ride a train in India
  4. Be awestruck by the terra-cotta warriors of Xi’an
  5. Behold Bagan in Myanmar
  6. Brave the climb to the Tiger’s Nest, Taktsang Palphug
  7. Capture the beauty of the temples and gardens of Kyoto
  8. Cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
  9. Dune Buggy on the way to an Arabian Camp
  10. Experience Istanbul’s Call to Prayer
  11. Explore the ancient ruins of Petra in Jordan
  12. Face the Lion’s Rock at the ancient royal compound of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka
  13. Feel the awe of history in the Buddhist cave temples of Dambulla
  14. Find yourself lost in a crowd in Tokyo
  15. Float in the Dead Sea
  16. Follow Jesus’ paths in Jerusalem
  17. Follow in the emperor’s footsteps in Beijing’s Forbidden City
  18. Get a henna tattoo in India
  19. Go vertical caving in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  20. Hike Mount Fuji in Japan
  21. Hike the Caucasus in Georgia
  22. Hike to base camp at Mt. Everest
  23. Hold on for dear life at the Walk of Faith in Tianmen Mountain
  24. Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia (Turkey)
  25. Hunt with eagles in Mongolia
  26. Light a yak-butter candle for fertility at Chimi Lakhang
  27. Live lavishly at Durrat Al Bahrain, the horseshoe and fish-shaped islands lie off the South coast of Bahrain
  28. Marvel at the temples at Wadi Rum in Southern Jordan
  29. Participate in the color festival (Holi) in India
  30. Pay the fee to visit Bhutan
  31. Pick a bloom off of a cherry blossom in Japan
  32. Purify yourself in the Ganges in India
  33. Receive a jukai blessing at the Garan complex in Kyosan
  34. Release a candle at Yi Peng Festival in Thailand
  35. Revisit history in Turkey
  36. Ride the elevator to top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai
  37. Salute the sun at Bhangarh in India
  38. See the sights along the Transiberian Railway
  39. See the view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
  40. See yourself in the House of Mirrors in Kuwait City
  41. Shop for souvenirs in Istanbul
  42. Stand atop the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia
  43. Stand in front of the Taj Mahal
  44. Stand in the center of the Islamic world at Mecca
  45. Taste the olive oil in Jerusalem
  46. Trek across the Himalayas
  47. Visit a Mosque in Saudi Arabia
  48. Visit the Old Silk Road
  49. Walk along the Abraham Path following in the footsteps of the prophet Abraham 4,000 years ago
  50. Walk around Singapore’s sky gardens
  51. Walk the Great Wall of China
  52. Watch camel racing in Qatar
  53. Watch the sunset from Wat Phrathat, Chiang Mai’s holiest shrine
  54. Watch the whirling dervishes in Istanbul

  1. Attend Fashion Week at one of the fashion capitals of the world – London, LA, NYC, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin
  2. Attend mass at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
  3. Become a child again at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen
  4. Breathe in the lavender fields in Provence, France
  5. Catch a flamenco show in Andalusia, Spain
  6. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  7. Chase waterfalls in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  8. Cheer on the cyclists at the Tour de France
  9. Chime with the clock at Big Ben in London
  10. Climb Leukerbad Via Ferrata in Switzerland
  11. Climb Skellig Islands off of the coast of Ireland
  12. Cross Europe on the Orient Express
  13. Cross the Straits of Gibraltar on a ferry
  14. Dogsled in Finland
  15. Drive as fast as you can on the Autobahn in Germany
  16. Explore the Lascaux Caves in southwestern France
  17. Explore the charming streets of Edinburgh, Scotland
  18. Feel like a giant at Madurodam in the Netherlands
  19. Find viking ruins on the Faroe Islands
  20. Gamble at Monte Carlo in Monaco
  21. Geek out Trinity College
  22. Get a picture walking across Abbey Road in London
  23. Go island hopping in Greece
  24. Heat up in a sauna in Norway
  25. High five someone at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
  26. Hike to the top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh
  27. Imagine life in ancient Pompeii
  28. Jog in the Luxembourg Gardens
  29. Kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland
  30. Look over London from the the London Eye
  31. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, Rome
  32. Make your way through the canals of Amsterdam
  33. Marvel at St. Peter’s Basilica
  34. Marvel at the history of Athens, Greece
  35. Marvel at the history of the Parthenon in Greece
  36. Observe the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
  37. Paint the views at Cinque Terre, Italy
  38. Peer over the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
  39. Play golf in Scotland
  40. Pray to the gods at Stonehenge
  41. Pretend to be knighted at a castle in Germany
  42. Recite the Apostle’s Creed at Vatican City
  43. Relax on the uncrowded beaches of Montenegro
  44. Remember what you learned in history class while walking around the coliseum in Rome
  45. Rent a villa in Tuscany for the summer
  46. Ride a ride at Disney World in a different country
  47. Ring a bell at the Notre Dame Cathedral
  48. Row around Lake Bled in Slovenia
  49. Run with the bulls in Pampalona, Spain
  50. Sail around the Greek Isles
  51. Say a prayer at the Alhambra in Spain
  52. Search for Nessie at Loch Ness in Scotland
  53. Shop at Harrods, London
  54. Sing a song in a gondola in Venice
  55. Sit on top of a double decker bus in London
  56. Ski the Swiss Alps
  57. Sleep at an ice hotel in Sweden
  58. Soak in a thermal bath in Budapest
  59. Somehow make a guard laugh at Buckingham Palace
  60. Spook someone at the Catacombs in Paris
  61. Stand beneath the Eiffel Tower at night
  62. Stand in Red Square, Moscow
  63. Stand in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris
  64. Stand next to Michelangelo’s David
  65. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast at Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny
  66. Stretch your neck at the Sistine Chapel
  67. Stroll the Charles Bridge at dawn in silence
  68. Study history at the Parthenon in Greece
  69. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  70. Take a canal tour in Amsterdam
  71. Touch the white walls of Santorini
  72. Tour Acropolis in Greece
  73. Tour a windmill in Holland
  74. Tour the Northeastern Fjords in Iceland
  75. Travel on the tube from London to Paris
  76. View all of the sights on Iceland’s Ring Road
  77. Visit a Concentration Camp in Germany
  78. Visit every capital city in Europe
  79. Visit the Caves of Altamira near Santilliana del Mar in Cantabria, Northern Spain
  80. Visit the Chauvet Cave in the Ardèche département, southern France
  81. Visit the Tower of London and see the Queen’s Crown Jewels
  82. Walk on the white limestone streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia
  83. Walk the Berlin Wall
  84. Walk on the black rock beaches of Iceland
  85. Walk through the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
  86. Watch a Tennis Match at Wimbledon
  87. Watch a road race in Monaco

  1. Act like an immigrant seeking the US on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty
  2. Attend Coachella at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California
  3. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  4. Attend a film premier in Hollywood
  5. Attend a luau in Hawaii and wear a Lei
  6. Be a part of a Las Vegas Show
  7. Be amazed by the Grand Canyon
  8. Bike down Haleakala in Hawaii
  9. Board down an active volcano in Nicaragua
  10. Buy a diamond at Tiffany’s in NYC
  11. Camp under the stars in Moab, Utah
  12. Celebrate the ball drop on NYE at Central Park Square
  13. Chase a tornado across the American Midwest
  14. Check out art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC
  15. Cheer on the racers at the Indy 500
  16. Climb the Haiku Stairs of Oahu in Hawaii
  17. Climb to the top of a Fourteener in Colorado
  18. Come up with the next big thing on a tour of Google headquarters
  19. Commit to doing the Half-Dome ascent in Yosemite National Park
  20. Cry at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC
  21. Dance at Burning Man Festival in Los Angeles
  22. Dive in the ruins at Tulum, Mexico
  23. Drive the road to Hana in Hawaii
  24. Find a name on the Vietnam Wall
  25. Find your train in Grand Central Station in NYC
  26. Float in hot air balloons at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
  27. Get a thrill on the Edgewalk CN Tower in Ontario
  28. Get lost in the Grand Tetons
  29. Get lost on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina
  30. Get your groove on at a blues bar in Chicago
  31. Go for a jog through Central Park
  32. Hang out with the animals in San Diego zoo
  33. Have “High Tea” at the Plaza Hotel in New York, or perhaps at Fortnum & Mason in London
  34. Hike the Appalachian trail
  35. Hike through Buckskin Gulch in Utah
  36. Hold a balloon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  37. Hold onto a cable car in San Francisco
  38. Hug the Redwoods in California
  39. Hum the Full House theme song while in San Francisco
  40. Ice skate at Rockefeller Center
  41. Meet a Mayan Shaman in Honduras
  42. Mimic the faces at Mount Rushmore
  43. Observe the pros at the Masters
  44. Participate in the Empire State Building Run Up (you have to run up 86 flights of stairs)
  45. Pay homage to the dead at the Dia De Los Muertos Festival in Mexico City
  46. Pay your respects at the 9/11 Memorial
  47. Pick a wand at Harry Potter World
  48. Plan a trip to DC during the National Cherry Blossom Festival
  49. Play the slots in Vegas
  50. Play volleyball at Coney Island Boardwalk
  51. Put your hand on the Washington Monument
  52. Rent an apartment in New York which overlooks Central Park for three months
  53. Ride a bike through Monument Mall in DC
  54. Ride in a classic car in Havana, Cuba
  55. Ride the largest observatory wheel in the world in Vegas
  56. Ride the only hybrid ferry in San Francisco over to visit Alcatraz
  57. Ride on the subway in NYC
  58. Rock out to a concert at Red Rock Ampitheater
  59. Scream on a ride at Universal Studios
  60. Search for Wile E Coyote at Monument Valley
  61. Search for your favorite celebrity’s star in Hollywood
  62. See a Broadway play in NYC
  63. Sit down next to the Lincoln Memorial
  64. Sit in the stands at the Super Bowl
  65. Snorkel off the coast of Belize
  66. Snowboard on Whistler Mountain in Canada
  67. Spend a week on Necker Island (Richard Branson’s island)
  68. Splash the spectators on Splash Mountain at Disneyland
  69. Spot a celebrity in Los Angeles, CA
  70. Spot an alligator on a tour of the Everglades National Park
  71. Stamp your passport at all National Parks in the US
  72. Stand in awe of the Garden of the Gods
  73. Stand in every Olympic park
  74. Stand in the geographical center of the US in Kansas
  75. Stand in thee beauty of the Royal Gorge in Colorado
  76. Stand next to Multnomah Falls in Oregon
  77. Stand under the Hollywood Sign
  78. Stargaze in Borrego Springs, California
  79. Step foot in every country in North America
  80. Swim in Mexico’s Yucatan cenotes
  81. Swim in the five Great Lakes in North America
  82. Swim with dolphins in the Caribbean
  83. Take a road trip to New England in the fall
  84. Take your picture taken in front of the Hollywood sign
  85. Taste a margarita during Cinco de Mayo in Mexico
  86. Throw Beads at Mardi Gras
  87. Time Old Faithful’s eruption in Yellowstone
  88. Tour every Smithsonian museum
  89. View NYC from the top of the Statue of Liberty
  90. Visit all of the state capitals wearing a t-shirt from that state
  91. Visit NASA headquarters
  92. Visit all 50 US States
  93. Walk behind the falls at Niagra Falls
  94. Walk on Beale Street in Memphis
  95. Walk the steps of Chichen Itza
  96. Watch a movie the Sundance Film Festival in Utah
  97. Zipline in Costa Rica

  1. Act like a Hobbit in New Zealand and visit the places where they filmed “The Lord of the Rings”
  2. Catch a wave surfing in the Pacific Ocean
  3. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge
  4. Drive the Great Ocean Road in Australia
  5. Hug a Koala bear in Australia
  6. Practice your Australian accent on a tour of the Australian Outback
  7. Relax on a beach in Tahiti
  8. Sail New Zealand’s Islands
  9. Scrutinize an Opera at the Sydney Opera House
  10. See the beautiful fish at the Great Barrier Reef
  11. Sleep in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
  12. Spend two weeks in Fiji
  13. Zorbing in New Zealand

  1. Stand at the South Pole
  2. Step foot on all seven continents
  3. Step foot on the moon
  4. Swim in all five oceans
  5. Touch the North Pole
  6. Visit all of the natural wonders of the world and write down what makes them beautiful
  7. Visit the five longest rivers in the world
  8. Visit every UNESCO World Heritage site in your favorite country

  1. Attend Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  2. Buy extravagant items in Buenos Aires
  3. Catch mist at Angel Falls in Venezuela
  4. Cross the Panama Canal
  5. Dance the tango in Argentina
  6. Discover Santuario de Las Lajas
  7. Find the statues of Easter Island
  8. Hike the Inca trail in Peru
  9. Hike the trails at Machu Picchu
  10. Hold your arms out at the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro
  11. Jump for joy at the base of Patagonia
  12. Kayak in the Amazon Rainforest
  13. Pet a penguin in Antarctica
  14. Reflect at Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia
  15. Scope out Lake Tititaca in Bolivia
  16. Ski the Andes
  17. Spy on a giant iguana in the Galapagos Islands
  18. Step foot in every country in South America
  19. Swim in the world’s largest swimming pool San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile
  20. Swing at the end of the world in Ecuador
  21. Thirst for water at the Atacama Desert – the driest place on Earth
  22. Touch the bottom of the earth at Tierra del Fuego
  23. Unexpectedly discover Kaieteur Falls, Guyana
  24. Visit Angel Falls, Venezuela

  1. Anonymously buy a stranger’s lunch
  2. Become a lifeguard and save a life
  3. Become an organ donor on your license
  4. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  5. Build a school for an impoverished community
  6. Buy 100 gift cards and hand them out to strangers
  7. Contact a company you like just to compliment them
  8. Donate blood
  9. Donate your hair for someone who has cancer
  10. Dress up as Santa Claus at Christmas and giveaway gifts
  11. Entertain the elderly at a nursing home
  12. Have a meal with homeless person
  13. Help an endangered/injured animal
  14. Help deliver a child
  15. Help dig a well in a foreign country
  16. Help save someone’s life on a medical missions trip
  17. Help someone check something off of their bucket list
  18. Hold someone’s hand when they die
  19. Hug a child in an orphanage
  20. Leave a 100% tip for a server
  21. Leave a note for a stranger
  22. Listen to stories from the elderly at a nursing home
  23. Live like a homeless person for a week
  24. Read books to a group of school children
  25. Save someone’s life
  26. Send a care package to a soldier
  27. Serve food in a soup kitchen
  28. Sing Christmas carols in your neighborhood in July
  29. Share a meal with a homeless person
  30. Teach someone (who is not your child) to read
  31. Teach someone something you know a lot about
  32. Volunteer abroad for a month
  33. Volunteer at a soup kitchen with your family
  34. Volunteer for a political campaign
  35. Volunteer once a week for an entire year


Welp, there is the list. It is 1001 of the greatest bucket list items in the history of bucket list items. I hope you found many that you could add to your list! Most importantly, I hope this inspires you to go out and Live Your List!
*The following people helped us develop this list:
Kristin, Jane, Rachel Mayo, Neha Ghelani, Kyle the Intern, Philip the New Intern, Roy the Golden, Murr Daddy, Floyd Hinman, Zach Gamble, Elizabeth Leppek, Alison Grendahl, Alyssa Ross, Lisa Naomi Johnson, Beth Matson Glasoe, Amy M Loerke, Stephanie Stengler Jones, Linda Ritzer Wearne, Brandon Bell, Hailey Pace Thomas, Matt Ham, Cara Duncan, Ronne Rock, Charles Balan, Lily Kreitinger, Mitch Stephens, Jamie Foster Ballard, Joe Givens, Tracy Dusek, Shayla Golden, Beth Stauffer, Jenn Murr, Kay Helm, Melissa Reagan, Alyssa Horton, Christina Fast-Lebeiko, Kim Wright, Heather Turner, Diane Morrow Kondos, Christy Bouchard, Emily Mocha, Amanda Holland, Jennifer Chessmore, Kerri McDaris, Anita Hylton Thompson, Zakariya Rafiq Rajpari, Scott Cuzzo, Taryn Starkey, Shelia Unger Fritts, Mark Collard, Jean Swienton Brassfield, Andrea Williams, Eric Crittenden, Kyrsten Gamble, Anna Floit, Jane Tuttle, Jennifer Allison, Bethany Joy Johnson, Julie DeVisser, Jamie Cowan, Haley Stocks, Justin Lane Douillard, Brandon Nickell, Barry Steveson, Kevin Dotson, Arthur Smith, Jake Smith, Randy Langley, Trae Ratliff, Kris Simpson, David Dollar, Tamarah West, May Bohon, Jami Murphy, Janeen Kilgore, Paige Garvin, Sarah Kusler, Amanda Martin, Will Jenkins, Ronei Harden, Sarah Johnson, Diana Nathan, Lacey Steveson, Linda Spyres, Audra Brown, Amanda Russell, Peggy Glenn, Kyle Schaefer, and Brian Hope.  
**Sorry, I can’t actually guarantee that, but I hope you enjoyed this list.