Take a Stand Debrief – A Perfect Way to Process a Team Building Activity

April 10th, 2013

Adding props to a debrief or processing activity can often help participants open up to the rest of the group. Take A Stand Debrief utilizes props to create conversations about an activity, initiative, or even at the end of a day.
Paradigm Shift
Number of Participants: 2-200
Time:  5-20 minutes
Activity Level:  Low
Props:  Any prop that you have handy
Objective:  To encourage the group to process an activity
Set Up: Place several throwables or random items around the room.
The object of this debrief is to encourage the participants to standing by them. This creates an opportunity for participants to discuss their thoughts with like-minded individuals.
Example: Place a red, green, and enjoyed the activity.
Facilitator’s Notes:

  1. Be creative with your props and you will be surprised by the participants’ in-depth answers.
  2. Use photos, numbers, toys, books, etc. as props.

Have you used this style of a debrief before? What was effective for you? What is your favorite prop to use?