Princess, Knight, Rider – An Energizing Team-Building Activity for High-Energy Participants

July 10th, 2014

Princess, Knight Rider

The Paradigm Shift team just returned from a two week long leadership camp adventure in three states and anytime we had free time they were playing it themselves. I honestly can’t remember where I learned this activity, it must be one of the countless we’ve picked up from other facilitators, students, or game enthusiasts.
Princess Knight Rider
Number of Participants: 10-500
Time:  5-10 minutes
Activity Level:  High
Props:  None
Objective:  Do not be the slowest pair to show off your moves!
Description: Students will pair up in groups of 2. It is each group’s job to become either a beautiful princess, a chivalrous knight, or a gallant rider as the facilitator calls out each scene.The facilitator will call out one of the following 3 words, and must sit down.
Princess: One participant must jump into the outstretched arms and stay there until the next word is called.
Knight: One participant must jump on the other’s back (piggyback style) and thrust their sword (finger) into the air until the next word is called.
Rider: One participants must ride sidesaddle on the other student’s back until the next word is called.
The game continues on and a champion will emerge. Be sure to try out a few practice rounds before the game actually begins.
Question: Have you participated in an activity like Princess, Knight, Rider? How did you facilitate the activity?