Popcorn – An Engaging and Entertaining Icebreaker

January 20th, 2014

Paradigm Shift Team-Building Icebreaker Popcorn
Let’s be honest, sometimes we need a fun time-filler that will keep our groups engaged without keeping them bored. Popcorn is just the kind of activity you are looking for…it is fun, it is fast, and it is engaging.
Stephanie Bolen, one of the wonderful Paradigm Shift consultants, explains the instructions for Popcorn in this quick video.

Since I know some of you are visual learners and want to read the instructions, here are the written details of Popcorn.
Round the group into a circle. Teach the participants how to pop like popcorn kernels. This is done by hopping into the air while simultaneously clapping your hand yelling “pop.”
Take a few minutes for the group to try and pop as loudly or quietly as possible, as low or as high to the ground as possible, or even as quickly or slowly as possible.
When you think they are ready for competition ask them to try and act as if they are operating a microwave. Be as creative with your microwave operating as possible.
As soon as the popcorn is in the microwave the participants will try to pop without popping at the same time as someone else. If two participants pop at the same time, both take a seat and cheer on the other kernels.
This game is played on the honor system. If you even think you popped at the same time as someone else, you should take a seat! Last popper (or two poppers) popping is the winner and then the group can play again.
You can download a PDF of the activity explaining the instructions here.