Playdough Debrief – Use This Classic Tool After a Team-Building Activity

August 7th, 2013

I love simple processing activities. When I finish an activity or a day’s worth of programming I often need an easy tool to debrief all of the emotions and create while they process.
Playdough Debrief
Number of Participants: 6-45
Time:  5-15 minutes
Activity Level: Low
Props:  Playdough
Objective: To use the playdough to sculpt your thoughts about an activity or workshop.
Instruct the participants to use playdough to sculpt their emotions or feelings about the activity or workshop.
That’s it! It doesn’t get much easier than that. Have you used playdough as a debriefing tool? What tools or props do you use to process a group?
Ryan Eller
Founder, Paradigm Shift