Paradigm Shift


Since its launch in 2010, Paradigm Shift has operated predominantly in the grant sector, working with TRIO, Gear Up and similar educational services. Recently, we began to take note of the disparity of these services provided specifically to HBCUs and PBIs compared to the rest of the academic world. Out of our desire to increase the number of services provided, decrease the disparity and create content unique to black academic community, PSME was created.

Check out our Inaugural PSME Black Collegiate Leadership Summit and Strive Series to get a feel for the PSME initiative.


Black Collegiate Leadership Summit (BCLS)

The purpose of PSME’s BCLS is to connect black college students across the country, encourage and equip them with skills and tools to increase their leadership capacity, and inspire them to pursue, reach and achieve their professional careers and futures!

Strive for FIVE

With everything happening in the personal, professional and academic lives of students, getting them information in a very practical, efficient and interactive way is important. This is why “Strive for Five” is highly effective. It breaks down traditional, taboo and essential topics into relevant and relatable pieces so students can process and immediately apply it to their lives.


Derrick Sier

Director & Lead Facilitator

Derrick has a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Management, a Master's Degree in Theological Studies, started OMOS Team Building in 2013, and in 2020 partnered with Paradigm Shift to launch a branch specifically focusing on serving minority students (PSME). Derrick has a wife of 19 years and two teenagers to keep him motivated to change the world....one person, one group at a time.


Dena Mossop

Sales Consultant & Facilitator

Dena Mossop, South Jersey native, but Oklahoma State University graduate, is an Educational Sales Representative at Paradigm Shift. She graduated OSU with a Bachelor’s in Business Management. Her favorite thing about working for Paradigm Shift is the opportunity they have to leave an impact that will positively change future generations.