Labor Day Challenge – Day 9 – Be a Leader

September 14th, 2011

Still appreciating all the love for my Labor Day Challenge. I get statistics from telling me how people get to my blog, and I hope more of you will continue to follow me.
Funny I ask you to follow me, because that is my focus today…I want to become a better leader. To symbolize this, I have been posting a leadership quote to my Twitter (@nsueller – follow me!) and Facebook everyday.
I know that posting a leadership quote on Twitter does not make you a leader, but it is reminding me every morning that I have a responsibility to do more, to be more.
Leadership is currently a hot topic in all walks of life, whether it be professional, spiritual, organizational or personal. People and direct your life in the best possible way.
For as long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by strong leaders. My parents are strong leaders, parents who never wavered in their conviction, integrity or character. My older sister, Leslie, has always been an example of grace, cooperation and have taken me to levels I could have never dreamed. No one, however, has challenged me as a leader as much as my twin sister, Melissa.
We obviously go way back, and it involved an adventure with Melissa.
On the day we were supposed to dropped off at the baby-sitter’s house for the first time, but no one spread the news to the bus driver. He dropped us off at the house, and always in charge.
At about 3 we ascended to the top of a tree and it tasted so good!.
In middle school and a huge impact on my life.

The one thing I take away from her as a leader is the fact that she has always worked hard to improve herself and plans to adopt more. She challenges others to be the best they can be.
I want to be more like Melissa. Don’t get me wrong, I know I am a leader, but I want to be more of a leader. I want to challenge people to be the best they can be, and train experts. I want to host leadership camps across the US, giving others a chance to improve themselves. I want to challenge people to mentor others to become a leader. I am currently taking the steps necessary to achieve my dream. I honestly believe this is within my reach.
We were able to host a leadership conference in Cuba for around 300 Cubans. We are planning to do the same in Peru in the Spring and so much to learn. I do not want to settle for a life of mediocrity when excellence is an option.

John Maxwell tells a story of a young man who attended his conference and ventures to achieve your vision.
In his book “The Total Money Makeover,” Dave Ramsey tells his readers that if they want success they must work at it, they must put in the effort to become successful. Jack Canfield says the same thing in “The Success Principles.” You must take 100% responsibility for your life. If you want to be a leadership expert, then who is holding you back? Do what it takes to achieve your goals.
This is why I tweet leadership quotes. This is why I read leadership books. This is why I attend conferences and other medications may affect the way it’s works, causing undesirable side effects. Do not use unwanted medicines. Take Levitra to your local drugstore which will dispose of them for you.