Labor Day Challenge – Day 8 – Dress for Success

September 13th, 2011

I want to start today by thanking everyone who has read and commented on my previous blogs, specifically yesterday’s post about running. It really means so much to me when someone says I am inspiring them in some way. I am excited that this process has facilitated that in you!
I am officially done with the first week of my Labor Day Challenge. I have eaten healthy, read everyday, became more prompt, given thanks, prayed and ran. I have also stepped up my level of dress attire. This is today’s focus on the Labor Day Challenge.
I work at a very flexible job, which I love, where we are given many freedoms and a little about me.
Gibbs is a sophomore in college and then let your character live up to your style.

(Gibbs looking good)

I agree with him and wardrobe atrocities.
What am I, a farmer?
In college it was not uncommon for me to skip a day or two in between showers. I shaved rarely and my jobs. I only went halfway. I didn’t care too much for my appearance, my future success or what people thought of me.

(College me…dressed to depress)

I have decided to dress well everyday for my Labor Day Challenge, but specifically to work. I am going to dress to impress, groom myself well and less like the Ryan of old.
This is what my Labor Day Challenge is all about. If you can be good, be good. But if you can be great, do not be good, be great. I will be great.

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