Labor Day Challenge – Day 5 – Give Thanks

September 10th, 2011

Welcome back! I am officially five days into my Labor Day Challenge, and self-improvement.
Regardless, it is day five and it comes very easy to me.
I want these notes to be sincere. I do not want to write the same thing in every note, and well planned out. It is easy for me to say something nice or Facebook or Tweet someone a compliment. I want to do more. I need to do more.
My good friend Matt “Porkchop” Recktenwald inspired me to add this to my Labor Day Challenge (he says I inspired him to write his note…funny how reciprocal kindness can be). He left me a note taped to my computer when I arrived on a Monday morning. On the envelope was a Post-It Note that said, “Open when you feel you are ready.” I loved it already. I opened it up and read it again.
Porkchop was not the first person to leave me notes. My good friend Keith Badgett left me notes and he is so self-serving.
I want to do this for people, not in a self-gratifying way, but in way that shows people how much I care about them. A way that shows people how much I appreciate their hard work or friendship or mentorship. I know I can not write a thank you note everyday for the rest of my life. Writing a note everyday for 6 weeks will be tough enough, but I hope to always acknowledge those who impact me. I hope to have the timing of my father and how much they mean to me. If you do get a note, please do not feel as if you are just one of many who get one…you are getting one because I really do care about you, I really do want to say thanks.
This is what my Labor Day Challenge is all about. I challenge you to write a letter soon to someone who deserves it…I promise you they will never forget it.

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