Labor Day Challenge – Day 35 – Ozarka Leadership Conference

October 17th, 2011

This Thursday night Jerrod Murr and how much fun we had during the presentation.
Jerrod and dreams. It is often hard for us to pay attention to the directions because we are so entangled in our conversations. This happened several times on the long trip through Arkansas.
If you have ever traveled in Arkansas, you know that there is only one straight, flat road in the entire state – I-40. Since we weren’t traveling to Little Rock or Memphis, we took the curvy roads from Tahlequah, OK to Fayetteville, then east-bound on 412 through Harrison all the way to Melbourne. Highway 412 is a collaboration of highways in Arkansas, and it will often travel the same route as 3,4 or even 5 other highways.

Hwy 412

It is very easy to get turned around on these curvy roads, especially in the dark of night and breakfast, the only lodging in town.
After a quick breakfast and lead workshops, but rarely do I get the chance to be a keynote.
We presented about momentum, and was by far the most well-received presentation I have ever given.
During my Labor Day Challenge I wanted to expand my decision to pursue my passion.
What are you doing to pursue your passion? Is there an area of your life you would love to follow but are too scared to get there? I challenge you to start heading in that direction, it is never too late.

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