Labor Day Challenge – Day 24 – Swim

September 29th, 2011

Welcome to Day 24 of my Labor Day Challenge! I am nearing the end of another week, and it has been packed full of Challenge activities. I am definitely ready for the weekend, especially because I am going to Glen Rose, TX to facilitate at the SWASAP Student Leadership Conference. I am pumped, but more on that throughout the weekend!
Today I am absolutely worn out, mostly because I spent most of my lunch break with a good friend, Cay Percifield, who gave me swim lessons. Swimming is one of the hardest workouts for me. I consistently fight the water and struggle for air. Usually more water ends up outside of the pool than started in the pool, therefore, I knew I needed some help.

I swam with Cay partially because I would like to become a better swimmer. I am someday going to compete in an Ironman competition. It consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle ride, and I need to learn how to smoothly glide across the water now so when I am ready to train 100% I will have the tools needed to be successful. I am learning this now, even though I do not know when the right time for me to train for an Ironman will be (It is certainly not now).
I strapped on the skin-tight shorts and even my flip.
Even though I went today to become a better swimmer, the real reason I swam was because I love spending time with people who are passionate. Cay swam competitively in his youth, was an all-stater in high school, and that is what my Labor Day Challenge is all about.