Labor Day Challenge – Day 17 – Read my Bible

September 22nd, 2011

Day 17! This Labor Day Challenge is flying by. I have struggled a little bit in a couple of areas this week as life has kept me busy. I am still reading consistently, still working out, and I am back on track. I have dressed for success everyday, but I have been having a hard time getting to bed before 10 p.m. every night. Last night, however, I was out sound asleep at 9:45…I felt great.
One thing I have struggled with during my Labor Day Challenge is consistently reading my Bible. Before some of the “holier-than-thou” crowd finds me and beats me with their Bible, I must admit that I have actually been trying.
I downloaded a “read the Bible in a year” app on my phone, and I said as much to my good buddy Jerrod Murr.
Murr is my advisor and admired him for that.
One evening, when I first began thinking about starting Experiential Adventure, I called Jerrod up and this is only the beginning. One area he pushes me without even trying is in his walk with Christ.
This is why I called him the other day and I am tankful for it. I encourage each of you to find a “Murr,” someone who pushes you without even trying, simply because their life leads such solid path.
Jerrod Murr
When I read the Bible, I have always wanted it to draw me in like “Lonesome Dove” or “Of Mice and I know that this will become a habit. That is what my Labor Day Challenge is all about.

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