Labor Day Challenge – Day 16 – Gym

September 21st, 2011

Welcome back! It has been a crazy few days, and I am still cranking out the Labor Day Challenge.
So, lately I have been focusing on hitting the gym four times a week. I want to build lean, solid mass to my frame and I think it is the most elusive thing on my bucket list. Even more elusive than going to space or learning to dance…I am truly a terrible dancer. Right now I look about like this:

Just kidding…I wouldn’t mind if my workouts led to that. Therefore…I have been going pretty consistent to the gym,” target=”_blank”>this four-day a week workout schedule. Schedule is as follows:
Sunday: Shoulders and Triceps
Monday: Back
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Chest and Biceps
Thursday: Legs
I have mixed it up some, but for the most part, this is a workout that gets me very sore and dedication to get my desired results.
I do not like working out as of yet…I prefer running, biking or swimming. However, I know those activities will be better facilitated by hitting the gym, and working out will not give me the overall results I want, but I know it will give me the foundation for a brighter future. I have faith that the hard work I put in today will pay off later in life…that is what my Labor Day Challenge is all about.