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Our leadership workshops provide a dynamic, transformative environment and focus on strengths-based learning to cultivate powerful results. Our range of workshops we offer are designed to target specific challenges facing today’s youth. The Paradigm Shift staff creates every workshop based on your current curriculum, props, and staff to develop an individualized event perfect for your program. We also offer assistance with registration and related logistics, as well as pre- and post-event evaluation and analysis so your students get the most out of each workshop. Your program can potentially book one or all workshops depending on your needs. Let us partner with you to make a difference.

Check out the different workshops we offer:


Transforming the perspective on relationships. Bullying can cause lasting damage, beyond what those involved may realize. Interpersonal relationships are best served with a dose of respect, patience, and cooporation. This workshop is designed to mold students’ perception of the impact of their words and actions and guide them towards a better solution for self-expression and relationships. Any group needing to learn how to treat others will benefit to Anti-Bullying.

This Paradigm Shift leadership workshop focuses on how to develop a “Full Value Contract” within a group. We will empower your students to be leaders in their peer groups, ready and willing to not only modify their own behavior, but encourage others to do the same. All participants will be provided with opportunities to change their perspective on how to treat others.

Classroom Antics

Providing portable classroom adventures. This workshop is a great way to give students a chance to get up and move around after being in a classroom for an extended period of time. Paradigm Shift trainers will promote experiential learning activities that get your group moving and participating in a positive experience. Students who are able to expend their excess energy will find it easier to focus on classwork later.

Most initiatives will involve propless or small prop activities to maximize space and development, allowing facilitators to use a chalkboard or dry-erase board to lead activities.

Communication & Leadership

Developing effective leadership through effective communication. If we want to lead others, we must learn how to practice intentional listening, and this workshop will empower your students to do just that.

The Paradigm Shift facilitators will go through a customized leadership development system to create opportunities for students to develop their communication skills. The interactive activities during this workshop challenge the participants to work together to achieve common goals. This workshop will encourage students to build a foundation for future leadership opportunities, inside and outside the classroom.

Cold Water 

Opening doors through fun. These activities are perfect to use before, between, or after learning and skill sets to give students a chance to relax and have a little fun. These activities will also give students opportunities to get to know peers they may not have before, taking the first steps toward new and fulfilling friendships. Possible options include icebreakers, name games, prop-based activities, and more!

Geared Up Goals 

Promoting valuable skills for empowered success. The ability to set and achieve goals is a vital skill students will need for the present and the future. Setting goals will enable students to become self-motivated in their classwork, relationships, employment, and many other aspects of their lives.

This workshop is focused entirely on goal-setting and achieving goals, where the Paradigm Shift team will encourage participants to develop their goal-setting skills through practical application and apply the theory to all workshops. Students will walk away from this workshop feeling prepared for not only today, but also tomorrow.

Strength-Based Leadership

Using our strengths to unify and direct our team. Your students will grow up to be the next decisive generation, and we want to do our part to equip and empower them to make the future a great one. The Paradigm Shift consultants believe in focusing on our strengths to develop our leadership ability. Instead of trying to fix what is wrong, we should instead focus on what we do well.

With that principle in mind, during this workshop we will use the StrengthsFinders© assessment to help leaders determine their strengths, and engage with other participants while leading a group. This assessment and the following activities will help build your students’ leadership ability and prepare them for the future.

Team-Building & Leadership Development

Building leadership skills through activity. Many students intake and process information easier through physically participating in what they’re learning about. This workshop uses “experiential-learning,” which is “learning by doing.” This method is designed to use interactive activities to bring out leadership skills.

Our Paradigm Shift team-building and processing activities will help your students work together to achieve a common goal and have fun while doing it. By physically participating in the material, your students will cement what they learn in their memory, allowing them to pull from this experience in the future.

Time Management Strategies

Learning how to utilize and prioritize time management. The difference between effective leaders and ineffective leaders is often how well those leaders prioritize their time. We want to help you mold your students into effective leaders who know how to make the most of every moment.

This workshop will focus on how to divide life into four separate quadrants, and the energy needed to create efficiency. Through these methods, your students will unlock their time management potential.

Up and At ‘Em

Making an impact no matter the group size. This workshop is ideal for larger groups of students, whether it be 250 or 5,000. The Paradigm Shift team can create intimate moments of substantial learning through the employment of large and small group settings, dynamic and experiential activities, and other methods designed to keep your students not only engaged, but also excited to participate.

Your students will be able to develop their communication skills and leadership potential through this workshop, and also create memorable moments without feeling left behind because of the group’s larger size.

Where Am I Headed?

Acquiring skills needed for success in the next phase of life. We know that your organization is geared toward preparing your students for their future, whether that be college, a trade school, employement, or other. This workshop is designed to help students build a vision for their future and coordinate dynamic, intentional steps towards their goals. Your students will also be able to develop valuable problem-solving skills to aid them into adulthood and beyond.

The Paradigm Shift teams has decades of experience working with TRiO, First Year Experience, GEAR UP, Collegiate Success Grants, and many other organizations that encourage their participants to achieve post-secondary success.

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