Virtual Programming

For Students

Need to find a solution that will cater to a virtual or in-person set up?

Paradigm Shift is bringing the same energy, creativity, and engagement techniques online! We are providing curriculum options, virtual leadership workshops, virtual keynote sessions, virtual professional development, and virtual camps.

We have solutions that cater to ALL students.

What we can offer your program:

  • A years worth of curriculum for ALL participants
  • Facilitation guides and lesson plans for your team
  • An app for easy access to all material
  • 30-day recruitment guidebook for virtual and in-person sessions
  • Videos and resources to compliment curriculum
  • Student field guide
  • Live virtual workshops with your students and staff
  • And More!

Curious about our programs?

In addition to standalone virtual workshops and camps, Paradigm Shift is offering a brand new program to meet the individual needs of students, as well as the grant objectives of your program.

“Future Discovered”: Leadership Academy Curriculum 2020-2021

Future Discovered is a 36-week curriculum broken up into 4 sessions, 9 weeks each.

  • “You are Here” will focus on self discovery and learning about who and where they are at this point in life.
    Topics will include current habits, role models, goals, and more.
  • “Career Options” will journey through career possibilities as students dive into exploring their purpose and passions.
  • “Education to Fit” will encourage students to choose a post-secondary education path based on what they discovered in Session 2. Topics will include test prep, study skills, scholarship exploration, financial literacy, and more.
  • “Life Skills” will challenge students to fine tune their soft skills that will carry them through many areas of life.
    Topics will include interview skills, resumé building, budgeting, communication, teamwork, and more.

Future Discovered is the perfect option for both virtual and in-person meetings, as there are 72 lesson plans (36 virtual and 36 in-person) to help you seamlessly navigate through this upcoming school year despite the unknowns.

What are my options?

Want a program demo or have questions? Send us a message!