STEM Workshops

For Students

STEM 101 – Covering the Basics

Exposure is key to unlocking possibility. In this workshop, Paradigm Shift facilitators walk students through the meaning, necessity, and importance of STEM in the world around us. STEM takes many practical forms to produce useful effects in our lives. We have the responsibility to recognize and educate students about STEM purpose.

Into the Unknown – Inquiry-Based Learning

As the future marches in, STEM solutions need to be created by individuals courageous enough to join the journey into the unknown. Our hope is to create an atmosphere of active learning that starts by posing questions, problems, and scenarios. By fueling curiosity, we want students to inspect, investigate, and interpret STEM studies. We believe that an inquiring student will solve the problems of tomorrow. Once interest is sparked, the engaged mind is able to investigate and invent what most only dream of.

The Top 10 Jobs of the Future – How to Excel

Opportunity lends itself those prepared for it. As students prepare for a future career, we want to showcase the market projections of top STEM occupations. The science fiction we enjoy today is quickly becoming the reality of tomorrow. At Paradigm Shift, it is our goal to increase career exposure and student passion for all sectors! In this career workshop, we shine light on where the STEM industry is headed and cover tips to ensure students can thrive in the STEM career of their choice.

STEM Heroes

We believe students hold the key to controlling their destiny. Not only theirs, but countless others as well. The upcoming generation has the power to lead the future of STEM. Just as previous heroes have blazed new trails, we believe the next generation of scientists, technicians, mechanics, and doctors will discover the solutions of the future. As we look at the lives of past heroes, lessons can be learned to lead and invent a better future in STEM.

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