For Parents

Research has shown that the parenting component of a student’s life contributes greatly to their success and view of success. At Paradigm Shift, we believe that educating parents is paramount to the educational success of the student. That is why we are developing content made specifically for our student-parents. Our parent programs cover a wide variety of the necessities parents need in order to prepare their students for their academic and personal pursuits!

Virtual Programs – 1 Hour / Topic

In-Person Programs – 1-2 Hours / Topic

1) Financial Planning – Funding Your Student’s Degree

Education equals opportunity. However, education does not always equal cheap. The cost of college can be a frightening number. We want to help parents as they look for ways to pay for their students’ education. At Paradigm Shift, we have done the research so we can provide parents with an easy breakdown of the financial terms they will encounter while enrolling their students. Our facilitators will lead parents to the knowledge of financial aid including scholarships, grants, work study opportunities, and more. Our goal is to help parents develop a plan to fund their students’ degree.

2) College Admissions 101

With so many college options, it can be difficult to know the right fit for a student. Then, enrolling and admitting the student can be a challenge. At Paradigm Shift, we want to ease the experience parents will have when sending a student to college. In this program, we break down the rules and terms guardians will face when admitting the students.

3) Student Success Now and Beyond

Student Success can be heavily impacted by the involvement of the parent or guardian. Being a parent is never a small task and knowing how to raise one’s child to be successful can be a new venture. At Paradigm Shift, we want to make it easy for parents. In this program, we cover practical tips on ways for parents to be involved in their students’ life to help their success now and beyond.

4) Crucial Conversations pt. 1 – How to Motivate Your Student

As parents/guardians, we all want the best for our child. We have intentions of showing our students the best path to take. However, communicating those intentions in a way in which the child wants to hear them can be tricky. How do we motivate our students? How do we help them see a better future? In this program, we go over helpful strategies for parents as they motivate their students.

5) Crucial Conversations pt. 2 – How to Relate to Your Student

One of the biggest challenges of being a parent/guardian is relating to your student. They are a part of a new generation that has a different culture than the one in which you grew up in. In the always moving and changing society, it is important to relate to your students. Having crucial conversations can make all the difference in your relationship and each of your lives. You don’t have to know all of the trends, but being relatable is the first step.

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