Train the Trainer

For Educators

Never Stop Learning

If you want to take your teaching skills to the next level, or just need a few techniques to keep your students awake and engaged in class, then these Train-the-Trainer events are for you. These events are a great way to introduce new staff to the worlds of TRIO and GEAR UP, and are a more-cost-effective alternative if your organization is unable to host our full team. Paradigm Shift’s expertise lies in empowering you to harness your true leadership potential. We know you want to make the most of every moment you have with your students, and we guarantee that if you employ our experiential and strengths-based curriculum, you will be able to build them up into leaders of the future.

Train-the-Trainer events focus on mixing hands-on instruction with in-depth theory. The Paradigm Shift consultants have developed the “Pool Party Process” and “Engaged Leadership 101” as the models in which they facilitate all of their workshops, keynotes, and trainings. At these events, you can expect a wide variety of workshops, activities, and presentations designed to equip you with hundreds of new tools and processes you can use to empower your students. You will be able to directly participate in each activity so you can see first-hand just how effective these techniques are. These events are available to individuals seeking to harness their leadership potential or entire teams from your school or organization.

Train-The-Trainer Topics

Engaging Student Groups

When students fully engage in content, they remember it longer. Whether virtually or in-person, our team has developed engagement strategies that have raised student engagement levels in programs around the country. In this topic, we share our best engagement techniques and activities that will excite students to learn. Engaged learning = effective learning.

Experiential Education 101

In this Train-The-Trainer workshop, we show you practical guidelines to develop your experiential practices. Similar to last year’s “Experiential Based Activities 101”, your team will learn best practices in experiential learning theory. The focus of this workshop is the application of tried and true experiential practices like Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle, Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development, and Paradigm Shift’s own Pool Party Theory. Get ready for some serious fun.

Activities That Teach

Activities, activities, activities! Learning by doing begins with activity implementation. Our team has created hundreds of activities that educate and excite students. Look behind the scenes and learn some of our favorite student activities. We have everything from energy to reflection. We even teach our process for activity creation!