Professional Learning Community

For Educators

What is a Professional Learning Community?

Dubbed PLC for short, a professional learning community is a support network functioning within your school or organization designed to promote continual learning and solidarity among you and your team members. In order to provide the very best possible education experience for your students, your team needs to function at its very best level.
If you engage with Paradigm Shift’s workshops and key practices, we will equip you to not only effectively build on the foundation your team already has, but also develop an attitude of continual advancement towards your goals. Our workshops and key practices range from introductory to developmental to help you build your PLC from the ground up.

Workshops Offered:

What is a PLC?

You can’t effectively employ a PLC if you don’t know where to start. This workshop is the very first step in unlocking you and your team’s PLC potential. Our Paradigm Shift consultants will work with you to create a clear purpose and overall vision for your PLC. Some goals to consider could be student performance, administration efficiency, school program development, or others. With your PLC’s direction clarified, your team will have everything you need to begin your PLC journey.

Why Do We Need a PLC?

For some, a PLC is an entirely foreign concept, especially in a professional education atmosphere, and the need for it may not be inherently apparent. This workshop will allow you and your team to pinpoint the “why” behind your PLC. Your “why” will be the driving force behind all of your PLC’s processes and your team must be in agreement upon it to maximize your PLC’s effectiveness. Our consultants will partner with your team to identify your key goals and motivations to help you mold your PLC to fit your school or organization perfectly.

Embrace the Word “Community”

A PLC is not designed to be a one-time idea, but rather a community to increase shared knowledge, ability, and effectiveness among your school or organization’s administration, educators, and other leadership. Your PLC is something you and your team have to work together, as a cohesive unit, to maintain and evolve as your needs develop and change over time. This workshop will focus on how you can foster that community aspect of your PLC, building and maintaining connections between you, your school or organization’s departments, your students, and all others with whom you interact on a day-to-day basis.

Our PLC, My Responsibility

You get out of your PLC what you put into it, and it is paramount that each member of your team accepts personal responsibility for its success. This workshop will focus on the essential processes you and your team can employ to make sure your PLC is not only the most effective and beneficial it can be, but also sustainable enough to last for years to come. Our consultants will discuss practical steps for ongoing PLC implementations to ensure its effectiveness remains consistent as new needs and challenges present themselves.

Faculty Team Building

At Paradigm Shift we believe in experiential learning to create sustained success. If your PLC is going to be the absolute best it can be, you and your team need to be able to thoroughly rely on one another. We will provide unique team building activities that are fun, engaging, and build trust among you and your team members. Through our specialized technique, your team will have every resource and tool needed to go back to your school or organization eager and ready to employ your newly-created PLC.

Key Practices:

Creating Collaboration

The success of your PLC depends on your team collaborating together to ensure all needs are accounted for and all goals are met. Collaboration is not a one-time event, nor a short-term project, but rather an intentional, continual process created and driven by your team. In this session, Paradigm Shift will help you foster that community of collaboration among the faculty of your school or organization in order to embed it into the culture of the district.

Collective Inquiry, More Than Questions

Members of a PLC have an acute sense of curiosity and awareness that shifts the culture of a school or organization. This session will empower you and your team to constantly be on the lookout for ways to refine your leadership to better suit your students, your departments, your programs, and more. Paradigm Shift will enable you to be forward-focused and flexible, able to meet the requirements of even the most unexpected situations.

Action Orientation

A PLC is designed to achieve results, so what steps are you and your team taking to achieve those results? In this session, we will discuss ways to create an action-oriented culture to continually learn and devise the best possible ways to meet your goals. Walking through these steps will enable your team to build experience and engage in deep learning to apply towards the future of your school or organization.

Continued Learning for Continued Success?

As educators, we believe in education, and as your community grows and your needs change, you and your team will need the tools to adapt. This attitude of education is expressed in no better way than when we model continued learning through a PLC. In this session, we will discuss how to foster an environment of continued growth and how to personally engage as lifelong learners.

Learning by Doing

As your team interacts within your PLC, various dynamics will come into play. As these develop, the PLC will need to change in order to foster a healthy learning culture. In this session, we will build upon the general theme of community to discuss how to prosper your PLC through interaction. We will equip you with tools involving conflict-management and how to evolve with challenging experiences.

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