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Team Building

Gridwalk – A Group Problem Solving and Team Building Initiative

August 14th, 2013

Great team-building and problem-solving initiatives are sometimes hard to find. Look no further, because this classic leadership activity is perfect for small groups looking to accomplish a task while working together. Gridwalk Number of Participants: 5-25 Time:  15-30 minutes Activity Level: Low-Moderate Props: Gridwalk Tarp and Gridwalk Map Objective: For the entire group to cross…

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Fill The Bucket – A Fun Team-Building and Leadership Activity

May 8th, 2013

Fill the Bucket is a collaborative team-building activity that requires participants to plan ahead to achieve a group goal. I first learned this activity from the great and goal setting initiative. Fill The Bucket Number of Participants: 7-25 Time: 15-25 minutes Activity Level: Moderate Props: 3 Buckets, 30-40 throwables (yarn balls, Beanie Babies, etc.), and…

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Avatar – A Challenging Group Team Building Activity

April 3rd, 2013

I love initiatives that require activity and allows for the group to have some fun while solving the group problem. I first learned this fun activity from my favorite trainer Nate Folan at Project Adventure. Number of Participants: 5-20 Time:  15-30 minutes Activity Level:  Moderate Props:  Rope Barrier, Hula Hoop, Spot Markers Objective: To get…

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Pipeline – A Classic Team Building Activity

January 16th, 2013

Pipeline Project Adventure’s Pipeline is a classic activity that will encourage your group to work together to achieve a common goal. Pipeline teaches your group that each participant has a part to play and is important to the overall success of the team. Number of Participants: 5-25 with the traditional Pipeline set. Time:  20-25 minutes…

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