Book Review: On The Edge Games For Youth Ministry by Karl Rohnke

November 15th, 2011

I have just finished reading Karl Rohnke’s little known book, On The Edge Games for Youth Ministry, and I loved it! The title may be deceiving, so don’t think these activities are just for Youth Ministry, because this book is packed full of activities perfect for any facilitator, regardless of group type. Karl Rohnke

My favorite activity in the book was Foot to Foot Pass, a fun and pass a beach ball around the circle with their feet. When they pass the ball to the person next to them, the passer says the name of the person receiving the ball. If your group already knows each other well, they can say something else, like their favorite color or the place they want to vacation.

Karl Rohnke is the king of experiential education, and High Five Adventure. He is a legend.

At the end of the description of each activity there was a “Learning Option.” The Learning Options tied each activity to a scripture and had questions available for the facilitator to ask the group for group communication.

I strongly encourage all facilitators to add this book to their library. I have found that you have to scan through most icebreaker and use with my groups.