4 Ways to Engage Alumni Advocacy for College Access Groups

March 9th, 2017

We are so thrilled to have 17 TRiO Alumni on our staff. Your alumni are an incredible source for advocacy. How you specifically engage your alumni will differ based on your geographic location, type of program, and program culture. However, as we work with alumni across the country, we have discovered a few key elements to get your alumni on board for future development.
Just Ask
Most alumni are willing to participate in advocacy efforts or program promotional WHEN they know about them. Our job is to let them know specific opportunities and ways to be involved.
Short term, specific commitment
Most people will run a sprint, some people will run a marathon, but no one wants to sprint a marathon. If we break down our advocacy efforts into specific, short term requests or objectives, we will be infinitely more successful.
Provide a Sample 
We want to make is as easy as possible to participate in advocacy efforts. By providing sample emails, tweets, and social media posts we make it simpler for people to jump into a program. The more we can remove barriers to entry, the more successful our campaigns will be.
Put it on your calendar   
As a college access professional, you are busy. There is no down time, and there is no off season. With that type of schedule, it is easy to overlook opportunities to engage alumni. If we set aside specific times to think through our efforts we will exponentially more successful.