3 Brand New Tag Games for Team Building with Young People

June 2nd, 2016

You’re it! No, you’re it! You’re it!
When is the last time you played tag? No, seriously…when is the last time you played tag? The answer is too long. Back in the olden days, tag was as simple as chasing your friend and elusive enough you could be the tag champion!
3 Brand New Tag Games for Team Building
Below we have three of my favorites. It is hard to track down where we learned these from, but just know we did not come up with the rules to these games, we just love them!

Statue Tag

This activity is a fun game and energizer that puts a spin on traditional tag. If you want a slower paced tag game then this is the activity for you.

Instructions: Have your group form a circle before you begin explaining the activity. In Statue Tag everyone can either be moving about freely at any speed they choose or stand completely still like a statue. If you are a statue you cannot be tagged but you must also keep your eyes closed until you begin moving.

The individuals who are “it” may also move about freely at any speed they choose or be a statue. Participants who are “it” however, can open their eyes andom choose one or more individuals to be “it”.

Facilitator Notes: Feel free to make it more fun by offering “bonus points” for creative statue poses.

Eyeball Tag

Not all tag games are equal, and bravery.

Set Up:

Each participant gets a chair ands in the middle of the circle.


The object of this activity is to switch chairs with another participant after making eye contact with them. If two participants make eye contact, they stand tries to find an open chair. Play this as quickly as possible with as many people switching chairs as they dare.

Facilitator Notes:

Trucker Tag

Set Up: Ask the participants to get into groups of three or four in a single-file line.

Instructions: In this activity participants create their trucker names by using an adjective that matches the first letter in their first name and an animal that matches the first letter in their last name.

Example: Bob Smith could be Beautiful Snake, Bumpy Salamander, or even Beaming Spider.

Once the participants have created their trucker name, ask them to shake hands with other truckers in their group by using their new name.

Next, the first trucker in the line will be the driver ands on the shoulders of the person in front of them.

The trucks will then start to move about the room trying to tag other trucks. If a truck gets tagged, the truck driver will move to the back and then get back on the road trying to tag another truck.

Continue until the trucks go through an entire rotation or just tire out.

What is your favorite?

Maybe you’ve played a game of tag before that is different than the normal tag games you play as kids. What is your favorite? How do you play? Let us know in the comments below!

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