101 Ways to Line Up a Group – A Classic Team Building and Icebreaker Activity

November 18th, 2015

Sometimes you just need to go to the classics.
In music it is mozart. In cars it is Model T. In food it is eggs and bacon. In leadership activities it is a Group Line Up.
You can use a group line up with the young, the old, the quiet, the loud, the small. the large (groups…small and engaging. If you need more in-depth conversations ask for more in-depth line ups.
Sometimes large groups are necessary, but more often then not I find myself needing to break the really large groups into smaller groups. I find the best kind of line ups are with groups of 10-20 people. If  you are in a very large group break it into smaller groups…you can find out how to do that here.

101 Ways to Line Up a Group


  1. By First/Middle/Last Name
  2. By Initials
  3. By City/State/Country Born
  4. By Grandfather, etc.)
  5. By High School/College Attended
  6. By High School or College Mascot
  7. Backwards by First/Middle/Last Name(Eller would be Relle, Smith would be Htims)
  8. By Your Pet’s Name (any pet you have ever had)


  1. By Height
  2. Color of Hair (Lightest to Darkest)
  3. Color of Shirt (Lightest to Darkest)
  4. By Shoe Size (Smallest to Largest)
  5. Smile Size
  6. Length of Time at their Job/Organization/School/Church
  7. Size of Thumb
  8. Hand Size
  9. Eye Color (Lightest – Darkest)
  10. Who Lives Furthest Away From the Room (Closest-Furthest Away)
  11. Length of Hair (Longest – Shortest)
  12. Length of Nose
  13. Length of Commute Time
  14. Straightest Hair to Curliest Hair
  15. How High You Can Jump
  16. Arm Length
  17. Who Can Reach The Highest
  18. Wing Span
  19. Distance from Thumb to Pinky
  20. Size of Big Toe
  21. Rank of Embarrassing Moment
  22. Ear Size
  23. Foot Width
  24. Ring Finger Size
  25. Size of Head
  26. Average Time Getting Ready
  27. Length of Tongue
  28. The Furthest You Have Traveled From Home


  1. Birth date (From Youngest – Oldest)
  2. Month They Were Born (Jan-Dec)
  3. Birth Order (First, Second, Third, Etc.)

Deck of Cards

  1. Alphabetically (Ace of Clubs – Two of Spades)
  2. Deck Order (Two – Ace for each Suit)
  3. By Suit (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades)
  4. Numbered Disks (Any kind of numbers will work)
  5. Number of Letters in Each Number (Two has three letters, so it will come before five, which has four letters)
  6. Alphabetically by Number (1-12 = Eight, Eleven, Five, Four, Nine, One, Seven, Six, Ten, Three, Twelve, Two)
  7. Lowest to Highest (1-infinity)
  8. Lowest to Highest – but with odd numbers on one side and even numbers on the other side


  1. By Cell Phone Number
  2. Zip Code
  3. Mailing Address Number
  4. Likert Scale (1-10) (How much you like the activity/day/etc)
  5. Area Code
  6. Letters in Full Name
  7. Children
  8. Number of Children You Would Like to Have Someday
  9. Amount of First Cousins
  10. Salary (Lowest to Highest)(Be careful!!)
  11. Books Read This Year
  12. Countries/States Visited
  13. Times You Have Moved
  14. People in Your Immediate Family
  15. Total Roommates (Ever)
  16. Pets You Have Owned/Own
  17. Pieces of Jewelry You Have On
  18. DVDs Owned
  19. Number of Roller Coasters Ridden
  20. Amusement Parks Visited
  21. Total Number of Vehicles Owned
  22. Ball Caps Currently Owned
  23. T-Shirts Currently Owned (guess)
  24. Cups of Coffee Per Day
  25. Ounces of Soda Per Day
  26. Pairs of Shoes
  27. Number of Siblings
  28. Books Owned
  29. Times You Have Visited Wal-Mart This Month
  30. Times You Had Eaten Out Last Week
  31. Trash Cans in House
  32. Lamps in House
  33. Number of Scars
  34. Number of Piercings
  35. Total Tattoos
  36. Broken Bones
  37. Number of Jobs Ever Held
  38. Keys on Keychain
  39. Cards in Wallet/Purse
  40. Items in Your Pocket
  41. Schools Attended (Preschool-College)
  42. Speeding Tickets
  43. Average Mouse Clicks Per Day
  44. Number of TV Shows Watched Consistently
  45. Movies Watched in Theater This Year
  46. Hours Sleep Per Night
  47. Times You Have Checked Facebook Today
  48. Text Messages Per Day
  49. Potholders in House
  50. Number of Drawers in House (Including Dressers, Kitchens and Bathrooms)
  51. Coffee Mugs Owned
  52. Years You Rode the School Bus
  53. Total Number of Tweets
  54. Amount of Money on Your Person

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