anti bullying workshop


Changing the view of relationships. Interpersonal relationships are best served with a dose of respect, patience, and understanding. Any group needing to learn how to treat others will benefit to Anti-Bullying.

This Paradigm Shift leadership workshop focuses on how to develop a “Full Value Contract” within a group and how to create a better understanding of the social norms we interact in every day. All participants will be provided with opportunities to change their perspective on how to treat others.

Classroom Antics

Portable Classroom Adventures – This workshop is perfect for educators, but is not limited to the school setting. Any groups “confined” by space will benefit by participating in “Classroom Antics.” Paradigm Shift trainers will promote experiential learning activities that get your group out of their seats and moving towards a positive experience.

Most initiatives will involve propless or small prop activities to maximize space and resources. “Classroom Antics” will provide “ChalkBoard” initiatives to enhance group learning and development, allowing facilitators to use a chalkboard or dry-erase board to lead activities.

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Communication & Leadership

Developing effective leadership through effective communication. If we want to lead others, we must learn how to effectively and clearly communicate with each other. It requires asking the correct questions, developing legitimate answers, and practicing intentional listening.

The Paradigm Shift facilitators will go through a customized leadership development system creates opportunities for leaders to develop their communication skills. The interactive activities during this workshop challenge the participants to work together to achieve common goals.

Cold Water 

Icebreakers, Name Games and Energizers – “Cold Water” is perfect for groups meeting lots of new people, and involves hours worth of icebreakers, name games, deinhibitizers, and energizers! Be prepared for lots of laughs, positivity, and entertaining ways to develop camaraderie and relationships within a group.

These activities are perfect to use before, between, or after a learning and leadership meeting or event.  “Cold Water” is a must for large groups and offers variations and new activities for participants of all levels and skill sets.

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Geared Up Goals 

Goal Setting Workshops – “Geared Up Goals” offers a complete workshop focused entirely on goal-setting and problem-solving initiatives, theories and activities. Paradigm Shift consultants will develop a custom training to promote and create an individualistic and holistic approach to setting and achieving goals.

“Geared Up Goals” encourages participants to develop their goal setting skills through practical application and team initiative activities. Paradigm Shift consultants follow the SMART goal theory and apply the theory to all workshops.

Strength-Based Leadership

Using our strengths to strengthen our team. The Paradigm Shift consultants believes in focusing on our strengths to develop our leadership ability. Instead of trying to fix what is wrong, we should instead focus on what we do well.

We use the StrengthsFinders© assessment to help leaders determine their strengths, and then use practical application to show participants how to integrate their strengths into group and community learning. Each participant will use their strengths to interact and engage with other participants while leading a group.

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Team-Building & Leadership Development

Experiential Based Leadership – This workshop uses “experiential-learning” to help groups work together to achieve a common goal. Experiential learning is “learning by doing,” and encourages participants to engage in initiatives and activities to bring out leadership skills.

All Paradigm Shift team-building and leadership development workshops are customized to accommodate the size, age, and experience of the group. They are centered around practical and pragmatic leadership initiatives and processing activities.

Time Management Strategies

Learning how to prioritize to manage our time. The difference between effective leaders and ineffective leaders is often how well leaders prioritize their time.

All Paradigm Shift time-management workshops focus on how to divide our life into four separate quadrants, and how to use our free time to get ahead on all personal and professional activities. The workshop teaches leaders how to use their time and energy to create efficiency.

Time management workshop
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Up and At ‘Em

Large Group Activities and Initiatives – “Up and At “Em” provides participants opportunities to learn about leadership through engaging icebreakers and team initiatives…regardless of the size of the group.

Whether it be 250 or 5,000, the Paradigm Shift team can create intimate moments of substantial learning. They will experience a wide range of new and classic adventures allowing participants to meet each other, create connections, and develop their leadership potential.

Where Am I Headed?

College and Career Workshops – “Where Am I Headed?” focuses on leadership initiatives tailor-made for college students and young professionals. All activities center around transitions and problem-solving skills, encouraging participants to develop the skills needed to succeed in the next phase of their life.

The Paradigm Shift teams has decades of experience working with TRiO, First Year Experience, GEAR UP, Collegiate Success Grants, and many other organizations that encourage their participants to achieve post-secondary success.

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