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Stepping Stones – A Classic Group Collaboration Activity

Number of Participants: 5-25 Time:  30-45 minutes Activity Level:  Moderate Props:  Stepping Stones (paper plates, carpet squares, pieces of cardboard) 2 ropes or masking tape as a boundary, and throwables Objective:  As a group, the entire team must cross from one side of the room to the other without stepping foot in the “hot lava.” […]

April 22, 2014 Initatives Tags:

Eureka Games Spider Web – A Prop to Engage Groups of all Ages

I recently attended a conference in Nashville and ran across a group of people standing in the lobby. These people were apparently having the time of their life. Of course, I had to find out what was going on. In the middle of the circle I found Rob Davlin, the founder of Eureka Games and […]

December 4, 2013 Initatives Tags:

Gridwalk – A Group Problem Solving and Team Building Initiative

Great team-building and problem-solving initiatives are sometimes hard to find. Look no further, because this classic leadership activity is perfect for small groups looking to accomplish a task while working together. Gridwalk Number of Participants: 5-25 Time:  15-30 minutes Activity Level: Low-Moderate Props: Gridwalk Tarp and Gridwalk Map Objective: For the entire group to cross […]

August 14, 2013 Initatives Tags: ,

Trashball – A Leadership Team Building Activity Focused on Integrity

Have you ever had a group find the “gray area” of the rules? A group that tries to skirt around the edges of the activity to get a competitive advantage? I come across groups and teams like this all of the time, and it always comes back to integrity…doing the right thing when no one […]

Count The Beans – A Collaborative Team-Building Activity that Focuses on Group Growth

Count The Beans Number of Participants: 10 or More Time: 15-25 minutes Activity Level: Low Props: Jar of Beans, Paper, Writing Utensils Objective: To correctly guess the number of beans in the jar. Description: Place a jar of pinto beans in the middle of the floor, and hand each participant a piece of paper and […]

June 19, 2013 Initatives Tags:

Snakes – A Trust Team-Building Activity That Focuses On Non-Verbal Communication

Number of Participants: 2-30 Time: 10-15 minutes Activity Level: Low – Moderate Props: Blindfolds, Throwables, Buckets, Rope/Tape for barrier Objective: For every member of the team to place a throwable into the bucket. Set Up: Create a large circle barrier with the tape or a rope. Place a bucket in the middle of the circle. […]

Fill The Bucket – A Fun Team-Building and Leadership Activity

Fill the Bucket is a collaborative team-building activity that requires participants to plan ahead to achieve a group goal. I first learned this activity from the great and wonderful Diane Walker. We consistently used Fill The Bucket as a planning and goal setting initiative. Fill The Bucket Number of Participants: 7-25 Time: 15-25 minutes Activity Level: Moderate […]

Avatar – A Challenging Group Team Building Activity

I love initiatives that require activity and group communication while challenging the group’s thought process. Avatar does just that, and allows for the group to have some fun while solving the group problem. I first learned this fun activity from my favorite trainer Nate Folan at Project Adventure. Number of Participants: 5-20 Time:  15-30 minutes […]

Dream Catcher – A SMART Goals Initiative

This activity is meant to help your participants discover and develop their dreams and goals. Dream Catcher is based on the SMART goals theory that goals and dreams must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Number of Participants:  Any size Time:  15-45 minutes (depending how in depth you would like to go with your […]

Leadership Man…or Woman

Leadership Man/Woman is a perfect way to implement a Full Value Contract with your group while discussing leadership characteristics, group social norms, and expected group contributions. I love to start a day off with this interactive and engaging activity. Number of Participants: 7-15 per piece of butcher paper Time:  20-30 minutes Activity Level: Low Props:  […]

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