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Purpose is a Verb

You know those moments that make you feel alive? Not just the “hey this is a great moment and I’m excited to experience this!” moments, but the “Holy moly when and where and HOW did I get this lucky to be able to be in this very exact spot doing this very exact thing right now […]

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5 Steps to Solve Any Problem

We all get them. Some of us keep them. None of us really like them. I am talking about problems. Problems by definition need solving. Too often we lack the skills we need to properly handle problems. Instead, we shuffle our problems from today, otherwise known as urgent or crisis, and move them to tomorrow or someday, […]

March 13, 2017 Goals Tags:

Dream Catcher – A SMART Goals Initiative

This activity is meant to help your participants discover and develop their dreams and goals. Dream Catcher is based on the SMART goals theory that goals and dreams must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Number of Participants:  Any size Time:  15-45 minutes (depending how in depth you would like to go with your […]

New Year’s Resolutions and Top 10 Goals Update

Way back on January 1 of this year I declared my goals and resolutions for 2012. Yesterday, July 2, was exactly the half-way point for the year, so I decided to check up on my goals and evaluate my progress. Resolutions Resolution: Become More Flexible Progress: Little to none. Last Friday I took a fitness […]

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New Year’s Resolution and Top 10 Goals

Welcome to 2012! How was your 2011? My 2011 was awesome, and in case you missed it, we welcomed Sweet Baby Jane, I traveled to Cuba, completed The Labor Day Challenge, wrote a book, and of course started Experiential Adventure. Cuba 2011 With the sun setting on 2011, I have caught myself dreaming and declaring […]